Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cocoa Puff Cookies

I'm pretty sure this has been the longest week of all time. I don't even know exactly why it was such a long week; busy, to be sure, but just interminable. By Wednesday I felt like I was running through molasses, so I turned to the best comfort food I had: Hurst cookies smothered in peanut butter. It didn't make the rest of the week go any faster, but it did make me feel better. Weird how some weeks hit you like that.
So, now to detail the week that never ended.

School has been a beast. Not necessarily hard, just busy. Plus, seeing Thanksgiving just around the corner makes it hard to buckle down and study. Don't worry, I'm doing well. I nailed my two midterms, and I'm hoping that will carry onto the two I have this week.

Then socially this week has been packed too.
Tuesday night I attended my first BYU baby shower. I told you about the quilt already, but Tuesday was Charlotte's official shower. It was a very pleasant evening despite the fact I only knew Charlotte. Her friends are easy to talk to and welcomed me in and we all enjoyed just celebrating the next stage in life. The only thing that was really weird about the evening is the thought of how quickly Charlotte and I moved to completely different stages in life. She began dating Jonah, her husband, a few weeks after Austin and I started dating. Then, they got married the week Austin entered the MTC, and here we are 13 months later. I love it though. I would not ask for anything different for either of us.

Wednesday night we had a Relief Society meeting (formerly known as Enrichment) Jessi is on the planning committee and helped put together a meeting on "Feasting on the Sabbath". I really appreciated it. Jessi, Ashlan and I went and purchased six loaves of Great Harvest bread then went and set up tables and chairs for the 30-ish girls that showed up. After chatting and eating bread and butter Jessi gave a well prepared lesson about how to make our Sabbaths more meaningful. She presented lots of good ideas and led a very personal and well-participated in discussion. It was exactly right for the setting and the people.

Can I pause my week and tell you how much I love my roommates? They are unbelievable. Incredible, really. Maria, Ashlan and Jessi are all so strong in different ways, hilarious and caring. Basically, they make my life so easy and fun and exactly what anyone could want.

Back to Wednesday: After RS we headed downstairs to the Acoustic Explosion. Our three friends, Kevin, Anthony and Zack played three of their songs in the Varsity Theater. Here it is in simple terms: Three silly friends, two guitars, one awesome musical show.
I wish I could link the video, but it's on a secure Facebook profile, sorry.

Saturday we drove up to Salt Lake for Hailey's baptism. It was really nice. Watching Grandpa sit Hailey on his lap and honestly tell her his feelings hit my heartstrings. I have a lot of respect for Grandpa and for some reason he seems to understand me. Plus, I've had tender moments like that one with Grandpa before and I hold them close to my heart. Basically, I love my family. I can't express it better than that.

I love you all. 8 days of class until Thanksgiving.


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