Monday, May 11, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

It's Spring and not Summer yet. That's for sure.
The natural sprinkler system of Virginia has been keeping everything wet and cool. I'm not complaining because it reminds me of California winters but every time the sun makes an appearance I find myself begging it to stay. One nice thing, everything will be green and beautiful for the summer. I'm a fan. : )
Friday night I was laying in bed when I realized there was a lightening storm in the distance and I was missing it. (Jessi made sure to let me know that there will most definitely be more/better storms this summer. It's a summer thing apparently. Weird the things I never realized.) So I sat at the window listening to the static sounding downpour and watching the flash illuminations of the outside world. It's such a zen-like moment. Kind of like when you realize all your Scrabble taws align perfectly on the bo
ard in an eight letter word or when you finally learn how you want to express the notes of a piano piece. Anyways, Thunderstorms are definitely something I missed out on by growing up in San Jose.
As for now, I've been catching up on reading (Gone With the Wind is the newest adventure) and journaling until Friday when I go off for my first job. I'm excited! Not California, but I am really understanding the draw of the East.

Jessi and me in front of the DC temple the week we got here.

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Anonymous said...

Um LOVE you. Both of you. And this picture.

Hope you're having a blast! I miss your butt...and your face sometimes. ;)