Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer 2009: We're Just Trying to Cause some Trouble

I'm here: Springfield Virginia. The 703. The DC area.
Whatever you want to call it, it is stunning
These three and a half days here have felt so much longer. I'm exhausted and it's probably a mix of the humidity, working out with Jessi (the machine) and just trying to figure out my new surroundings. I'm fascinated by all the differences and all the similarities.
The most interesting this is the dynamic of working people here.
DC is to Politicians/Military 
San Jose is to Computer Geeks
I have already learned to love Hank's tirades on the going-ons of the capitol and all it's people and pretty much everyone I've met is connected to the government/military somehow. It's definitely a different dynamic and I'm soaking it in. Call me SpongeHilary-YogaPants.

I say yoga pants because Jessi has a strict PT schedule and Bikram Yoga is every Tuesday and Thursday. (I'll let you know how my first session goes tomorrow) I'm pleasantly sore from the gym because it's been a while since I've worked out regularly. Jessi's obsession fixed that.

As for Virginia, it's exactly what I expected and yet a constant surprise. Driving from BWI (Baltimore Washington International Airport in Maryland) to Sidenstricker Road filled me with memories, thoughts and excitement. I'd forgotten the world gets warm and stays warm (VA stays warm all night too. Humidity. I'm loving what it's doing for my hair.) and that the smell of cut grass means summer.
The roads are all lined with trees. Birch I think. Something about it reminds me of driving in Palo Alto and it's comforting in it's newness. I have to say though, I've fallen in love with dogwoods. Those trees are gorgeous and they're everywhere! the distinct white and pink flowers accent the carpet-like lawns and Manor style houses. It's a whole other world in the "south" and I'm fitting in quite well despite my blasphemous California-self.

As for my living situation, I was a little unsure at first how I was supposed to fit in. That has already been destroyed by the Molinengo's hospitality and Hank's obsession with making everyone comfortable. We're already shipmates, Hank and I. It makes it easy to know how I can pitch in and feel like I'm not intruding.

All in all, this newsy post sums up to one thing:
 I'm happy, I'm healthy and I'm helping.

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