Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Tupperware Tale

Three Molinengos and a Hurst sit around a square card table playing Scrabble.

Jessi: I need to order that Tupperware from Sister --.

Hank: Don't pay all that money for Tupperware! You don't need it! Just order take-out Chinese food and save the boxes. Use those!

Jessi: I don't want to buy a lot of Tupperware, just those collapsable ones!

Hank: It doesn't make sense.

Fran: Hank, she's buying a few so she can take lunch up on campus, store food, that kind of thing. It makes sense.

Hank: Oh ok, fine. Buy all the Tupperware you want! Get it! we'll get you all the Tupperware!

Jessi/Fran: No Hank! Don't buy all the Tupperware! She just needs one or two containers.

Hilary: * Extreme bursts of laughter. *

I love the Molinengos.

P.S. I got my glasses.


Anonymous said...

You look SMASHING!

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