Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're involved.

Hello all.
I'm in the Library. We're obsessed with each other. Haha, no but really.
I'm back at BYU and I'm feeling really good about this year. All my boys (except Ron) from freshman year are back from their missions and I couldn't be happier about it! Having friends who will allow me to just sit on their couch as they do homework is too good to be true. Also, I don't know how Kevin and I weren't friends before, but that's okay. We're making up for lost time.
Last night I went to "hot yoga" (Not Bikram Yoga. Yoga in a mediocre-ly warm room) with Manuel (if you can't say it right, aka like a Mexican, call him Manny). That was an adventure! I really liked it! Bikram yoga was harder, but this yoga definitely helps with flexibility. We'll see if I can find a class here at BYU to go to. I need something, because I really do miss yoga-r-ing if you will. (I totally just created that word. Start with yoga. Add -r to make it a Spanish verb, to do yoga, then add -ing to make it the action of doing yoga. Word.)

Anyway, I have to go read some, finish a paper, then go to class times two.


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