Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Petri Dishes.

Hey, I'm just getting ready to head up to class and I thought I'd send a quick hello. I'm doing well despite the fact BYU's PR representative came to my Teachings of the Living Prophet's class to say our entire class has been exposed to whooping cough. Then, our professor said we have two people in our class with confirmed swine flu cases.
So... I'm a ticking time bomb basically.
I love you all, whether or not I contract one or all of the diseas
es flying through campus and die. (More likely I'll die from my two exams and two papers) I can't wait to come home to San Jose this weekend! I love you all!

And Dad, in response to your email from my last post:
"what is the deal with the center alignment? i had to copy it into a word document and L align it be be able to read it comfortably"
Haha, you would. The man who edited Philip's emails from Brasil. (Did you notice I left it L aligned for you this time?)
The reason I put it in the center is because it is more aesthetically pleasing. Yup.

All my love and none of my sicknesses to all of you!


I found this sweet photography blog. Check it out.
There are some awesome portraits of kids, like the one here,
as well as some amazing scenery shots from
wherever they live in Europe. Love it!

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