Monday, September 14, 2009

Reunions and Scrabble Night

Sunday marked the official, "I'm back at BYU" point with the revival of Sunday night Scrabble. We weren't able to finish because our Home Teachers showed up and then I had to leave for dinner with Chip&Debbie but it was a good warm up.

Here are my friends whom I love dearly.

(not living with us this year)
She drew all the Scrabble Girls on her fingers.

Trevor & Jessi
[SherKahn & Andaconda]
(He's from St. Louis. Served in Russia. Knows the Hannah Montana characters.)
(She's from Springfield, VA. Public Relations major. Looses backs to left earring constantly.)

(From Dos Palos, CA. Theatre Ed Major. The Scrabble Queen.)

(From Los Alamitos, CA. Served in Pennsylvania. BFFL.)

(From Agoura Hills, CA. Served in Brasil. Loves USC.)

(From Phoenix, AZ. Served in Iceland. Refreshingly realistic.)

Disclaimer: These are NOT all of my friends.
These are all the pictures I could post so I
have to wait until later to introduce the rest.

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