Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am my mother's daughter

The past three weeks that I've been up at school I've been sustaining life.
Meaning? Peanut butter and crackers.
I'm glad I'm an obedient child and
took my mother's warning to heart at the tender age of 18 months.

"Listen kid. If you're going to survive in this family then you better learn to like peanut butter."

It's just helped me survive, period.
But that's changing. I bought some stuff to make fun food so no worries. I won't be mal-nourished or anything like that. Lots of veggies and fruit and cheese. Mmmm... : )

In class today people kept asking me about my weekend and I honestly had a hard time remembering everything I did. (By the way, I wore my cameo to class today and it's amazing.) Besides BYU's devastating loss to FSU it was a fun weekend! The most interesting thing was visiting Mark and his boyfriend Mike up in Salt Lake.
Thursday after class I drove up to SLC to visit my long-time friend Mark and meet his boyfriend of a year, Mike. It was a big deal that I was meeting the boyfriend, but it all went very smoothly. Honestly, the entire experience was fabulous and Mike is so very pleasant.
For dinner they made me curry and cheesecake and then we went to a gay bar.
Yes, a gay bar.
Now, I know the stereotypes that immediately pop to mind, and this place was nothing like that. I think the fact it's a private bar, so you have to be a member to go there, helped make it less sleezy. The entire night I felt neither uncomfortable or compromised. We played pool and darts and sat out on the patio and talked. It was definitely something weird, but at the same time very low-key.
How can I best describe my emotions from the evening? Happy.
Being with and talking to Mark has always, ever since we met at EFY, set my head strait. And then Mike has such a happy feeling about him that I was immediately enveloped in his caring love. I wish I could accurately capture the fabulousness of what most people would find to be an uncomfortable situation.

Saturday morning McKenzie, her roommate Britteny and I went with Austin Hyde to ride his grandpa's horses. Now, knowing that I was the biggest horse nut growing up, it won't surprise you to know it was blissful for me. Getting out at 8 am up in the hills near Springville where I could ride up and look out over the newly emerging fall colors of the valley I was so relaxed and free. I know I got past the horse-nut stage, but I still do want a horse. I'll be honest.

School's crazy but I love it.
My New Testament class blows my mind. My professor, Camille Fronk Olsen, has so much knowledge and explains things perfectly so that I wish I could just soak in every word she says! Plus, I'm blessed to take the class with Kyle and Ashlan and their comments and insights are always inspiring. I have the best friends in the world, hands down.
My Teachings of the Living Prophets brings back truths that the spirit reaffirms and it's a pleasure basking in the passion of my professor Sister Wyne. Accounting is tough but I understand it. English is frustrating because I feel like the information could be so interestingly presented but my professor just kind of Blahs it all up. And Business Management is full of friends and so directly relates to public relations.
I love learning. And reading. And I'm going to learn a Rachmaninov piece this year in my piano class. I can't wait!

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