Friday, January 15, 2010

I know it's a little delayed, but hey.

Aren't they fabulous?!
So here's my side of the story:
McKenzie and Austin stopped by my apartment Wednesday night after I got back from class just to say hi. I just finished eating chicken pot pie (that I cooked. It was delicious, if I should say so myself) so I was drinking some tea and offered them some. They declined, saying that Austin is currently obsessed with apple cider so they were heading to get some and then, as Austin subtly said, "go for a drive."
No big deal.
But as they walked out the door, Austin turned back to me and flipped me off with his ring finger. It took a second, and then WHAM! My mouth dropped and my eyes popped open and I wouldn't leave the house until I heard from them.
The rest is history. They're fantastic and perfect and beautiful. Not to mention the distracting shiny-ness of the ring. Solid work Austin.

Oh... P. S.

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