Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just keep swimming...

Some mornings I wake up and go attack the world.
Other mornings I get up, well, I wake up long enough to turn off my alarm and crash back in bed.
And then there are mornings like today when I get up, take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, and get back in bed.
It's really not that big a deal except it leads me to hyper-analyzing everything I have to do and needless to say, it gets stressful.

But - the past couple days have been good.

Tuesday night I went with McKenzie to Austin's little league football play-off game. I think I deserve an award. McKenzie and I went, all bundled up, and sat at Mountain View High School, watching these little kids throw a pigskin around. I kind of ignored the game; partly because it would have taken effort to see the game, partly because I was talking to McKenzie and partly because I just didn't care. Then it started to snow on us. It was ridiculously cold, but we had fun.
First snow of the year. Here's McKenzie.

Then I woke up to this yesterday:
I actually really do like the snow. Especially yesterday; the cold white stuff is beautiful when it covers everything at the very first of the season. Flowers and grass were still thriving, so it's gorgeous to see delicate and bright plants covered with a layer of glistening ice. It was a fun walk to campus that morning. Plus, I really do love getting bundled up and enjoying the snow.

Yesterday, for one of my PR classes, we had a press conference. That doesn't sound like much, but here's the quick version of how it went down:
A week ago our professor walked into class as if she were our CEO and we were her in-house PR team. She said they were closing a plant in a tiny town (devastating to the town) and we needed to prep a Q&A sheet for the news conference next week. In preparation for a press conference PR people will gather all potential questions with appropriate answers so the spokesperson can be prepared. Well, there's really only so much preparation you can make. You are always asked something you don't have an answer to. Anyway, yesterday our group faced a group of communication professors (journalists and broadcast) who grilled us. It was really intimidating, especially when Professor Walton purposefully created a crisis situation by having one professor act as the mayor of the town who created a situation we could not have prepared for.
I walked out feeling like I couldn't breathe. It got my blood going and I loved it. Plus, this experience is something most kids don't experience until they're on the job.
I love my major.

Last night I got a package from Mom and Dad. It was a harness and leash for Jovi. Look at how awesome he is! Thanks so much!

Well, today's my crazy day. I have to run, but I love you all!

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