Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Burning Ambition

I love this letter Tina Fey wrote to her 17-year old self. I don't directly connect with everything in it, but my favorite line is, "That churning feeling that keeps you up at night is not food poisoning, it's ambition." The whole first paragraph is for me. I have this blind ambition that is constantly thwarted by myself. But the longer I interact with Taylor, the more I listen to TED talks, hear from and about groups like Young Female Entrepreneurs or Rich, Happy and Hot, Live, the deeper it runs and the longer I stay awake at night trying to figure out what where my passion and potential will meet in an epic concoction.

It's getting there. Slowly, and steadily. Interestingly enough, today it was fueled in looking at business cards and imagining the pocket-sized representation of my success.

Every day I'm closer. Every day it's stronger. Every day I want it more.

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Hannah said...

Amen. Now let's do something bad-ass together.