Friday, December 2, 2011

Powerful Women in Public Relations

I just finished reading a collection of advice from top women executives around the world of public relations, compiled by rbb Public Relations. It is so powerful to read the words of these strong women, real women who have succeeded and continue to succeed. There were a couple of words of advice that I want to mention:

When complacency rears its ugly head, passion to learn kicks in and process are reinvented, fresh connections made and new skill sets added.
-Christine Barney, CEO of rbb Public Relations

It is so easy for me to be complacent, but at the same time I grate at this desire to be and do something bigger, something more. I know that real learning, not just reading or retweeting, is the way to go. I heard a story on National Public Radio one day while commuting to work about a return to the dark ages*. The author wrote a book about how we are coming onto a new dark age; a time lacking philosophical enlightenment and new intellectual discoveries. It left me determined to analyze, understand and remember everything around me in a way that forces and allows me to truly think.

These are passionate people who lead the dramatic changes going on in our industry and are taking new approaches and using new tools and channels.
-Melissa Waggener Zorkin, SEO, President and Founder of Waggener Edstrom

I have another blog that focuses somewhat on my passions in life, but my biggest one right now has to be public relations. I am entranced by good marketing, branding and unique public relations strategies. It's beauty to see a well messaged advertisement or a successful interaction between a company and its publics. Beauty.

Forget that you're a woman and just do a damn good job. . . Be extremely determined and very aware of your surroundings.
-Margaret Booth, President of M Booth & Associates

My family's favorite saying is, "Give 'em hell." That's what I have to do, every day. Do everything better than expected, help those around you and kill them with your awesomeness.

Women of the communication, business and career world, let me know what you think. Let me know what inspires you and how you balance life.


*I can't find the name of the book. So frustrating, I'm sorry.


Meredith said...

I'm not sure we ever find balance, but we do survive, everyday. Sometimes that has to be enough. To me, the most important thing is to be where I am, when I am there. When I'm working I'm working, and when I'm home, I'm home. Give 'em hell, but leave hell behind when you get home.

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