Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Bubble Inside Me

In a lot of ways I am like my older brother, Philip. We laugh the same, we both have an artistic side that enjoys photography and quirky styles (proof here and here), we have the same feet (a fact pointed out by our little cousin) and our noses wrinkle the same way when we make faces.
We also have an unnamed, internal passion that we are trying to find a way to let out.
We have different activities that tap that keg of unbridled energy, one of our favorites is ceramics, but we are both searching for that something that we will not only put all our time and energy into building, but something that will make us money. That's another similarity, we like money. Philip enjoys the concept of money: power, trading, universal language. I enjoy enjoying money; the freedom it allows and the doors it opens. Loving money doesn't overpower us. Not at all. We realize the limitations and superficiality a wealth-focused life can create and continue enjoying and pursuing it.
The difference is Philip has always been interested in entrepreneurship. He is constantly looking for and trying different business ideas, trying to find the idea that will revolutionize the world. I have allowed my passions to find a release in the activities I come across, but never saw entrepreneurship as my avenue. That has changed lately. For the past three years I've dated Taylor who, like Philip, has spent his whole life pursuing entrepreneurship and, unlike Philip, has found ways to implement that passion and be the self-made businessman. Throughout our time together, Taylor has talked about his path, teaching me the mindset necessary to see what I have to offer and how that translates into business.

Two nights ago I had a solid business idea. Today I found Young Female Entrepreneurs and I think I'm hooked. Something has clicked and I finally understand the bubbling of passion and drive moving from the chest to the head as I see an idea form into a potential reality. I think I am an entrepreneur in the making.
I need to call Philip.

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